Friday, June 12, 2009


Well in room 18 we are about to start our eco-footprint diaries. We are going to do small things in our own lives to reduce our eco footprints and record out progress on our blogs.

The first thing I have decided to do, along with my fiance, is to try and have a green wedding. Rather than sending out hold the date cards and invites on paper, we have done it digitally! We are also trying to source local produce and services to avoid unnecessary travel. Any other ideas would be welcome!

My other idea is to reduce how much we use our heat pump at home, we could put on a jumper instead to keep warm!

And thirdly, I am going to try and stop using plastic bags! I almost forgot last time and ended up with one plastic and one green! Better than two plastic! I need to put my green bags in my car so they are there when ever i need them!


  1. sounds cool.
    at the reception if its at night you could use candles instead of lights it would be green and it would probably be a lot cooler.

    P.S am I invited???
    PP.S im just kidding!!! ;-]

  2. This is so cool i have never had a teacher (well a student teacher in your case anyway) that actually does the project with us!!

  3. Cool idea Ggangster! I think we will have candles, your right it would look way better then big ugly surf club lights and ba enviro!
    hehehe pritty tight guest list Im sory:)
    Id be a bit of a hypocrit if I didn't try to reduce my foot print to little miss room 18! :)
    Great! what else can we do at the wedding to reduce its carbon foot print?!
    PS. its 5.24 pm and I havent turned on the heat pump yet! :)

  4. lolz that would be a ummmmmmmmmmmmm... pretty 'different' wedding lol. But still pretty cool ideas.

  5. For your invitations maybe you could make your own paper to print them on then it would be helping the environment and it would look cool with the different textures!