Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eco Footprint Diary

Bags: I am doing well with bags! I went to the warehouse and had too much stuff to carry, so I bought a green bag (actually its blue) they are even cheaper there than the super market! Only 99c rather than $1.39! I think the real challenge is to get into the habit of taking a bag. Is seems like a strange concept because for years and years we have been given bags at the counter, it will be a hard mind set to change "right I'm going shopping, i need to take my bags" I think I can do it!

Heat pump... didn't use it at all last night! but forgot it is on a timer and it came on this morning even though it wasn't really cold at all.. good start though :)

Still hoping to hear cool ideas for keeping the wedding green, so far its candles instead of lights:) what else can we do?!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Persuasive Writing

Map out your argument on line and then print your plan! So easy!
and here you can write a letter in the template provided: very convenient if you needed to write a letter to the principle or you wanted to write a letter about sustainability to a corporation for as an action at the end of an inquiry process... :)
another good one to look at for writing arguments or persuasive letters is this:


Well in room 18 we are about to start our eco-footprint diaries. We are going to do small things in our own lives to reduce our eco footprints and record out progress on our blogs.

The first thing I have decided to do, along with my fiance, is to try and have a green wedding. Rather than sending out hold the date cards and invites on paper, we have done it digitally! We are also trying to source local produce and services to avoid unnecessary travel. Any other ideas would be welcome!

My other idea is to reduce how much we use our heat pump at home, we could put on a jumper instead to keep warm!

And thirdly, I am going to try and stop using plastic bags! I almost forgot last time and ended up with one plastic and one green! Better than two plastic! I need to put my green bags in my car so they are there when ever i need them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My cat is being bullied. He has been giving off the obvious signs, walking around with his head hung low and his tail between his legs, sneaking around like only cats can, like there's someone around every corner waiting to beat him up!

He has also been really strange at night, crying and carrying on and acting like he has forgotten how to use his cat door!

But I didn't put two and two together!

Until today!

I got home and he was wining to be let out, so I say "look Pierre (that's his name, its french) this is silly! I will show you where your cat door is in case you have forgotten" and so I take him through the lounge to his cat door.... and there waiting on the other side of the cat door is...

SCARFACE CLAW! The toughest tom in town!!!!

(well that's not his name but I call him that because he is black and mean!)

So then Pierre springs out of my arms and runs into the bedroom and under the bed!

He is still there right now!

What should I do about this pet bullying! It cant go on my cat is traumatised!

Should I tell Mr Major??


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gallagar room activity

Site for helping to learn verbs nouns and pronouns etc, read, practice and then test yourself :)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

have you done your blog??

Comment here when you have done both of your blogs.
1 about clement and jo and one about kris.
so i can check them! thank you!!