Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well I have survived my cut off date (the dreaded 8th of May) and managed to avoid the visit from the university lecturer in week 2! A good effort all round I think!!
Teaching is a lot of fun in room 18, with some great characters to keep everyday interesting!
I am really enjoying maths at the moment, we have a great system starting and it seems to be going well, I would love to hear what you guys think of it (room 18)??
I'm not so sure about being a soccer coach though! Muddy fields, rain and cold winds were not enjoyable on Wednesday!
Another way cool discovery was finding that somebody in the class is going to be my cousin when I get married!

Waiting to hear when my evaluative lecturer is planning to visit so I can make sure a few people are away that day ;) joking, the class wouldn't be the same with out them!

Bring on week 3!


  1. You are certainly a positive influence in the class, Miss McConnell, and very forgiving of MrWOody's brain lapses.

  2. Yay. I'm enjoying maths because you teach it to us in a way that all of us kids understand. I also understand the strategy alot better that way! :-)

  3. Thanks for the positive input little miss room 18, we will try to make next week even beter in maths! i hope the vocab was useful? :)

  4. Cool! I love soccer but it is not as fun when it is cold, wet, and muddy! I agree!

    I think our new maths is really awesome! I think it is WAY more structured and it is actually a bit more quiet!!

    Thumbs up from me!!!!

  5. Yeah I agree maths is fun you are a great student teacher , I like soccer but not when its muddy :)